Collaborative Open Innovation Lab (COIL)
Design and Develop Your Future

COIL is an educational program that assists professionals and students to envision and realize their technology ideas. Through program activities, mentoring by faculty and industry experts, and access to the design lab and its state-of-the-art equipment, participants develop both the network and resources to take their technology projects to the next level.  The broader impact of COIL is to encourage the development and sustainability of an innovation ecosystem consisting of FIU faculty, students and the professional design and development community and related stakeholders in South Florida.

Program Description

Participants join a growing design and developer community working on great projects that feature new or refined technology development. By participating collaboratively in the program activities participants establish their own collaborative innovation network—both peers and mentors working to advance skills, knowledge and the creation of new opportunities. You participate in community activities by learning from others and sharing your knowledge to help others. Program activities include:

•    Innovation presentations & workshops by industry and faculty experts as well as participants. Topics include technology, engineering and innovation processes and skill development. Your participation is key to developing your knowledge and creating collaboration opportunities. 

•    Innovation Mentor Network that connects you with our local network of industry and faculty mentors. The local community has many outstanding experts with innovation experience who are interested to help participants become successful innovators.

•    The COIL Lab is an exclusive facility located in the heart of FIU’s Engineering Center (EC). Participants are immersed in the EC technology corridor filled with a variety of technology experts, highly specialized engineering labs and young, ambitious, technology talent.

Program Resources

The COIL program offers valuable resources to bootstrap and execute your technology project:

•    Design Studios – each room can be reserved and provides a team of up to four members to privately discuss and develop their projects.
•    Collaboration Room – is an open space where any members can work independently or in groups.
•    Online Innovator Showcase – This is our online space where we showcase projects of our innovators. We also use this space for discussions, information exchanges, best practice and other information resources of value to our participants.
•    Equipment Sandbox – The lab contains many types of computer, servers, devices, sensors, and other gear to help you to build your project.
•    Design tools – The lab provides you access to software design tools so that you can plan your project development successfully.
•    24x7 WiFi access – Every participant is given an account that allows them Internet access via their mobile device and is granted physical access to the lab during building hours of operations.

A Great Place to Build your Ideas

As a technology professional you may need a place to design, develop and collaborate on projects. Perhaps you are looking for resources, or need to develop skills to bootstrap your innovation process.

As a student you may have a project you want build and even market. COIL can help you to build new innovation skills and network to realize your project. Adding an innovation project to your list of career development accomplishments will help you standout


As an innovator you have distinguished yourself with your vision and desire to execute a great technology project. The Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing recognizes participants who are willing to commit to seeing their vision and execution through by providing recognition to professionals and students. Participants can apply and receive the following recognition:

•    Student Innovator: Is a title awarded a student or team of students who are building a cool technology project with the assistance of an experienced mentor.

•    Innovator in Residence:  Is a title awarded a professional who is developing an innovative technology project that engages the FIU community and has the potential to make a local, national or global impact.

Program Innovators are considered COIL community leaders and receive special privileges, like reserving design room and equipment in advance, and are consulted in the development of the COIL program.

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Division of External Programs
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